Mission Statement

Our mission is to serve humanity through a range of services that Australian society can benefit from. These services would include Dharma teaching, Buddhist counseling, meditation, retreats, yoga, cultural exchange, arts, development of spirituality and human potential, alternative therapy and other related activities to those listed above. This centre would work with other Interfaith organisations through sharing knowledge, interfaith dialogue, understanding and appreciation of different traditions for the benefit of humanity and world peace. We aim to bring monks and teachers from overseas to teach Buddha dharma and provide practices from the west and east. Our goal is to provide a Healing Retreat Centre in a nurturing environment promoting good health, relaxation, calm mind, peace and well being through meditation and mindfulness. We believe that each human life is precious and has the same potential to cultivate wisdom and compassion attaining full happiness and live a meaningful life. We dedicate all our merits for the enlightenment of all beings

“For as long as space abides, For as long as sentient beings remain, For that long, may I too remain, In order to dispel the suffering of the world.”- Master Shantideva


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