About Shantideva Buddhist Foundation

The Shantideva Buddhist Foundation Ltd is an Australian not for profit organization aimed at providing wisdom and compassion through the ‘Bodhisattva’s way of life’ for the benefit of all living beings.

Lama Tendar started Medicine Buddha Tantrayana Meditation Centre, with a vision to bring Buddha’s Teachings (Dharma), to as many sentient beings as possible.

During the past 11 years, Lama Tendar has worked tirelessly to do this, in Melbourne and interstate, by teaching Dharma, running meditation retreats, mandala classes, workshops and performing healings. As a result the Medicine Buddha Centre is now firmly established and his early vision has been achieved.

Lama Tendar now feels the time is right for the next stage of his vision, and the vehicle for this is The Shantideva Buddhist Foundation Ltd.

The Shanti Deva Buddhist Foundation will enable Lama Tendar to bring highly trained monks and nuns to Shantideva, who have received monastic training in Dharma and have developed qualities of love and compassion to also teach. They will be able to pass on these precious teachings to others and assist Lama Tendar, to achieve this second stage of his vision:  Buddha’s teachings continuing in Australia to benefit future generations.

The name ‘Shantideva’ is inspired by the great Nalanda Master Shantideva, who is the author of the revered text “A Guide to the Bodhisattva’s Way of Life”. This text has inspired many generations of Tibetan Mahayana Buddhists to cultivate and develop ‘Bodhichitta’ qualities themselves, to relieve the suffering of all beings.

Our vision is to have a retreat centre in peaceful surrounds to support students who wish to undertake short and long retreats to also develop these good qualities, under the supervision of highly qualified teachers.

The foundation will also offer many types of training in Dharma and the healing arts for individuals and groups who are committed to learning Dharma.

Over the years Lama Tendar has taken part in many interfaith and cultural events in local communities here and interstate, with more assistance Lama Tendar would be able to make Shantideva a place of interfaith forums, promoting peace, harmony and dialogue between all faith groups.

Lama Tendar’s Buddhist community, ‘The Sangha’ have been training with him for many years and have developed these good qualities themselves under the guidance of Lama Tendar, who is very compassionate and inspiring teacher. The Sangha are now ready to joyfully support Lama Tendar’s altruistic vision for a new and expanded Shantideva Buddhist Foundation Centre!

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