An elegant body emerged from boundless compassion

Pleasant speech dispels the darkness of ignorance

Un-obscured mind perceives emptiness with the view of dependent origination

I pay homage to the glorious ones

Who have eliminated afflictions and attained omniscience

Whose achievements stand equal to all Buddha’s

As student your great kindness even surpasses all Buddha’s

I bow down to you all my unrivalled spiritual teachers

After the fourth Buddha, all these untamed beings of the degenerated era

Are in your prayers to be saved by skillful means

Your great compassion and wisdom are spontaneous

Thus, their thirst is quenched by your teachings from the ocean of non-sectarian Dharma

Representing the compassionate wisdom of all Buddha’s, appears a guide

Out of kindness countless pure lands are emanated as pleasure gardens

Prayers of great compassion are generated for all sentient beings in the Land of Snow

Wishing glorious joy to the Crown Jewel of all Dharma