Dear Sangha and Friends of The Shantideva Buddhist Foundation

We are delighted to inform you that The Venerable Tsadong Rinpoche Ngawang Tenzin has officially been granted a Distinguished Talent Visa and is now a permanent resident of Australia.

The Case Worker who granted the Visa had no hesitation in granting such a prestigious Visa to someone of Rinpoche’s calibre and said he had no doubt that he was a person of distinction and talent in his profession.

We are so blessed and lucky that we now have the benefit of two pure lamas and teachers as part of The Medicine Buddha Centre and The SBFL.  Even more auspicious was the Visa was granted the day before His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s birthday, especially when there had been so much support from the Office of His Holiness in India and in Australia in the Visa process.

Of course, events as auspicious and wonderful as this do not happen without a team effort.

We would first like to thank Lama Tendar for his vision and commitment over many years to secure additional monastic support for his Centre in Australia. His dream and deep passion to create a Centre, which brings Buddhist philosophy and a spirit of kindness and compassion to all beings, was the original spark and has fanned the flame of this idea from its inception to its manifestation.

Liliana Ljubicic agreed to be our Immigration Lawyer for this process and led the creation of a 265 page document outlining Rinpoche’s extraordinary academic achievements, written works, teachings, students and stellar career – as well as his deep humility.  Liliana and the superb team at the Shantideva Buddhist Foundation put together a vast array of testimonials, letters of support, CVs, book lists, petitions in support of Rinpoche’s application.  Our Case Worker said it was one of the most comprehensive and compelling documents he had ever read in support of a Visa.

We thank Liliana, and her colleagues, deeply for her dedication and commitment to this project  – it would not have been possible without her guidance, wisdom and professionalism.

We were extremely lucky to have a very generous donation from one of our Board members, which enabled Rinpoche’s employment by the Shantideva Buddhist Foundation. All in all, without the extraordinary generosity from everyone involved, who donated, became members, signed petitions, sent in letters of endorsement, chanted and prayed for an auspicious outcome, none of this would have been possible.

We are deeply grateful for all of your support and so joyful that we have together achieved such a wonderful result for the benefit of our Centre, all Australians and the whole world.

Rinpoche has asked to pass on his heart felt thanks and to reassure all of you of his deep motivation to benefit Australia and all sentient beings.  He prays for all of us and is deeply moved that we have worked so hard to ensure the success of his Application.

Thank you all again and we look forward to seeing you at future teachings and events.  We have been given a precious gift and opportunity to receive the purest dharma and teachings from a great master. We are truly blessed.


The Board of The Shantideva Buddhist Foundation.


Our mission is to serve humanity through a range of services that Australian society can benefit from. These services would include Dharma teaching, Buddhist counseling, meditation, retreats, yoga, cultural exchange, arts, development of spirituality and human potential, alternative therapy and other related activities to those listed above.


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